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Van Wersch Writes = Patrick van Wersch. A creative global citizen dedicated to telling stories that change the world for the better. Bilingual (English & Dutch) writer specialized in creating inspirational stories for not-for-profit organizations and news outlets. Can also draw on 5+ years’ experience in marketing & communications with strong focus on online marketing and social network building.

Writing portfolio: examples

Change maker story written for Justice & Peace Netherlands about Yamen, a human rights defender and field worker from the Gaza Strip.

News report written for Deutsche Welle (DW) on a historic referendum about expanded Muslim self-rule in Mindanao, the Phillipines.

Interview for MindaNews with Jana, a student-athlete from Mindanao, the Philippines, about her community-building work and using sports as a platform for peace.

Story written for civil peace worker Karin looking back on her “success stories” working with IP communities in Mindanao on behalf of German development agency GIZ.


In 2017 I traveled extensively across the United States collecting people’s personal stories on loss, love and politics. These blogs are all categorized under “Trump America”. End of 2017 I emigrated to Davao City in the Philippines to join my partner who’s found employment there with an international NGO. Blogging as an expat in Davao, I try to tackle “big news” about the economy, politics and culture through the personal lens of the Filipino people I meet. Find these blogs under “Expat in Davao”.


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Visit the Contact page to learn about how to get in touch with me. Whether it’s about freelance writing assignments, suggestions for blogs or just grabbing an iced latte; I’m happy to hear from you.

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  1. Some inspiring stories! Added your link to my favourites. Keep it coming!

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