Making the world a better place one story at a time

A creative content strategist, storyteller 📰 📷 📹, and global citizen dedicated to changing the world 🌏 for the better one story 📖 at a time.

☛ Over 7 years of experience in writing, copywriting, editing and online community building with non-profit and profit organizations.
☛ Action and result oriented, with a proven ability to build networks with a diversity of stakeholders, in different settings and across countries.

☑ Journalism
☑ Digital Content Development
☑ Copywriting
☑ Social Media
☑ Marketing Communications

Writing background:
Social media posts, news releases, media pitches, blogs, feature stories, news briefs, executive letters, websites, message points, brochures, online newsletters, annual reports, brochures, video scripts, and more.

Writing portfolio (examples)

Impact story written for Samen Hier, a community sponsorship program of the Dutch non-profit organisation Justice & Peace Netherlands.

Change maker story written for Justice & Peace Netherlands about Yamen, a human rights defender and field worker from the Gaza Strip.

News report written for Deutsche Welle (DW) on a historic referendum about expanded Muslim self-rule in Mindanao, the Phillipines.


On numerous occasions and in different settings I’ve performed the dual role of moderator and interviewer. I find there’s great added value in guiding the conversation that you end up writing a story about later on.

For instance, I moderated two round table conversations with participants of the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute’s annual training program. The articles I wrote highlight how these peacebuilders don’t just come to be trained but to be part of a larger community of peacebuilders.


In 2017 I traveled extensively across the United States collecting people’s personal stories on loss, love and politics. These blogs are all categorized under ‘Trump America’. End of 2017 I emigrated for 2 years to Davao City in the Philippines to join my partner who had found employment there with an international NGO. Blogging as an expat in Davao, I wrote about the people I meet and my extraordinary experiences going around the Philippines.


Feel free to glance over my Resume.

Contact me

Visit the Contact page to learn about how to get in touch with me. Whether it’s about freelance writing assignments, suggestions for blogs or just grabbing an iced latte; I’m happy to hear from you.

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