How to love my blog again?

How to love my blog again?

It’s been a while since my last blog about Davao. As a bona fide ‘Dutch in Davao’ blogger my writing should stay on-brand, but the reality is that it’s been all over the place.

Maybe I’m running out of things to talk about. Or maybe I’m tired of framing myself as the foreigner going from one amazement to the next in a strange land. Let’s face it, Davao has become a familiar place, one dare say routine. Perhaps the creative juices are drying up?

But honestly, the main reason why I think my writing on Davao has become less focused, is that Sophie and I have decided to leave the Philippines by the end of the year. Like it or not, knowing this, the mind wonders off into different directions. It’s only human.

10 tips to rekindle the romance

I know, of course, that I have to keep writing, no matter the circumstances, and — to an extent — the subject. Writing regularly sharpens the mind, it opens doors to new trains of thought, and it simply makes you feel better about yourself.

That’s why I was happy to come across an article with 10 tips on how to fall in love with your blog again. I think it’s worth listing them all here:

1. Read outside your topic
2. Incorporate a new medium
3. Keep a “sketchbook”
4. Get a new outfit
5. Hold a Q&A session
6. Connect
7. Highlight your community
8. Play to your strengths
9. Out yourself
10. Play

Number 9 is what I’m doing right now. At first I found it difficult to get into real stuff about my life and state of mind. But I soon realized that when I did I would get more of a response from my readers. The second tip sounds pretty exciting too. Maybe I shouldn’t just rely on writing. Why don’t I learn how to shoot and edit a video? Why don’t I collaborate with someone on a podcast? (To be clear, this is me asking you to get in touch if you can help me obtain these skills or want to work together.)

And of course, I would love to go shopping for a new attire — I’m looking at you number 4 — but I’m not sure that will rekindle the romance between me and my blog. It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, right?

“Humans need other humans”

But the tip I will most definitely take to heart has got to be ‘Connect.’ “Humans need other humans,” says suggestion number 6. Step outside the writing bubble, don’t just zero in, zoom out. And it’s true. For one, sitting glued to your laptop screen every day in your co-work space isn’t going to give you much inspiration. Bloggers need real life experiences. There’s only so much introspection and soul searching that your readers are willing to put up with.

I still don’t know which new direction my blog will take. Should I intensify the ‘Dutch in Davao’ narrative? Should I write about writing? About me pursuing a career in the non-profit world? About sports? Can I do it all?

Maybe I should work through these tips and the idea will come to me. Much will depend on what happens in the next half a year or so.

I’ll keep you posted. Aimlessly, all over the place, but with love for the story. Always the story.

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  1. Patrick don’t leave Davao yet haha I was supposed to meet you there next year 😁 But seriously maybe time has come to search for new inspiration outside of Davao. Good luck!

    1. Haha, seriously, you were planning a trip to the Philippines? That’s a shame then, we’ll just have to meet in Europe 🙂 I’m sure inspiration will come wherever I am!

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