Poems of Appreciation: Wind

Poems of Appreciation: Wind

Living as a Dutch expat in the Philippines, I’ve found renewed appreciation for all things larger than life. In this Poem of Appreciation I pay tribute to: wind


What’s not to love about a gentle breeze,
that takes the edge of sunshine’s sting.
The airiness is like a sneeze,
leaving your body tingling.

Strong winds power ships great and small,
setting course for islands known.
The waves that form cause quite a brawl,
stirring up a swirling twilight zone.

The airiness is like a sneeze, leaving your body tingling

The wind picks up signaling storms to come.
In that brief interlude all is well, all is smooth.
When the sky bursts open, the world goes numb
and life’s innocence is lost; under fire is its youth.

Palm tree tops sway back and forth,
waving hello to passersby.
The metre of these giants is cut short,
when mischievous clouds are drawing nigh.

Why fight, resist; just let it blow.
Throw caution to the wind and wait,
this too shall pass, we must lay low,
and choose to accept our tempestuous faith.


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