Poems of Appreciation: Home

Poems of Appreciation: Home

Living as a Dutch expat in the Philippines, I’ve found renewed appreciation for all things larger than life. In this Poem of Appreciation I pay tribute to: home.


The sweet hellos, the sad goodbyes,
the renewed appreciation for the left behind.
It’s not easy leaving home,
but never ventured, never tried.

The family, the friends, the world so well known –
it all becomes part of a place set in stone.
Of course you try and manage to remember,
even though it feels like a twilight zone.

It’s not easy leaving home, but never ventured, never tried

It’s hard to imagine, even harder to explain,
the new reality one wakes up to every single day.
But time goes by fast, blink twice and it’s gone.
What matters most – the balance of loss and gain?

Being oceans away provides a chance to reflect.
The truth presents itself when you least expect.
There is so much to life, just grab it and run.
In many ways, the fun has only just begun.

A house can be a home, but it won’t be enough.
When walls confine, the going gets tough.
It’s what’s beyond the gate, the street, the town.
The sooner you know, the world’s your playground.


5 Responses
  1. Heel mooi verwoord Patrick.
    Helaas niet voor iedereen weggelegd, of lijkt de stap te groot.

    Knap van degenen die de kans hebben en ze ook aanpakken

  2. Een ode aan dichtbij zowel ver weg. Het gevoel zo duidelijk verwoord en zeker ook herkenbaar. Een gave om het zo uit je ” tenen ” te laten komen!👏

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