Poems Of Appreciation: Sun

Poems Of Appreciation: Sun

Living as a Dutch expat in the Philippines, I’ve found renewed appreciation for all things larger than life. In this Poem of Appreciation I pay tribute to: the sun.


Piercing through the slightest curtain cracks,
the sunlight forces its way into the room still crisply cool.

Daytime stops all creatures of the night in their tracks,
but they will return, ever so secret, ever so cruel.

Behind the door a hot and humid space awaits,
filled with hours of lingering air that has started stewing.

With sunrise the relief of softer surroundings abates,
like a sizzling hot kettle, a new day is brewing.

The reversed routine of hiding, not basking, is confusing

Every hour the intensity rises as clouds quickly evaporate.
The reversed routine of hiding, not basking, is confusing.

Aware of their fate, people seek shelter, the nearest shade.
Sweat is oozing, skin is bruising, yet no one dares to try escape.

Adlaw gives and Adlaw takes, but on one thing we can all agree.
Despite scorching earth and burning rays, it’s sun that gives us glee (and vitamin D…).

It warms our souls, dispels our cares and sends light for us to see.
Next time you decide to gripe and grumble, be aware, it’s all for free.


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