Request: Transatlantic perspectives on "The New USA"

Request: Transatlantic perspectives on "The New USA"

Hi y’all!

As you might have read on the About page I will be traveling across the USA between March 1 – May 25. My road trip mission is twofold: 1) Relax and 2) Write personal stories that nuance, illustrate or counter the barrage of political news about the so-called ‘post-truth’ and ‘post-democracy’ America — “The New USA”. These stories constitute my first steps on the path towards becoming a freelance writer.

However, I’m not waiting until March 1 to publish the first blogs on this website. That’s where you might come in.

The request

I’m looking to connect with Americans in the Netherlands and Dutchies in the United States. I’m curious to find out how they make sense of the global hype surrounding the Trump presidency and whether it inspires them to join the debate or whether they classify it as much ado about nothing. Do they expect that life in “The New USA” will be different?

Are you or do you know an American living/working in the Netherlands or a Dutch(wo)man in the USA, who’d like to share thoughts with me on “The New America”, then please reply to this post or contact me via any of the other available channels.

Thank you!



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